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I am a 60 something Californian, former world traveler of the back packing variety, a Buddhist, a writer, photographer, and teacher.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter poems

Muzzled, and the light wavers
ghosts of sea storms and broken
Kathy is dead, gone before me to
the unknown land
or the no land
and the past heaves and the future worries
and the young skitter past

Will we ever find spring again?
Look into mirrors at unscarred brows
and hazeled eyes eager to see and see
Kathy saw and would not look away
every day,
from the fracturing of fairy tales,
in that dark cave of unsung endings.
She saw pain like a flooding ocean, 
weaving rot and acid
over young lives turned old,
trapped in detritus and foam.
She burned with love, wrangled cats,
anguished in the corner of her bookstore,
curled over this computer
stunned and too human to live to old age.

It was too hard to be an angel.

Santa Cruz Dec 27, 2015


disconnect at the outset
paradigm wiggle
setback on the head set
dreamscapes hit by drumbeats
backside to the camera
and where will the heart rest
where will the heart ...

Earnest concerns for health and exercise
Volleyball team sign ups
Tulip sales and traffic snarls
After school tutoring and fundraiser galas
While far away, yet right in front of us
a stranger catches a child
hurtling down a bombed street
escaping the blood horror
of a dying mother

Men howl despair
looking back on a sea
that has swallowed a toddler.
In the arms of strangers,
small bodies shake
with the shock of all fears
and the cold of winter
on an alien shore
And the rubber boats deflate
as the hustlers disappear
We click next on a baby bear
So cute

Knives prepare for forks
neat chunks of Denny’s two for one breakfast
bits of pigs so recently slaughtered,
screaming their panic,
that somewhere
a truck ride away,
the walls still echo the story
of each life sealed in
hard metal bars,
filled with black dreams,
now ended in a tempest of pain.
Bacon please,
so tasty.

Santa Cruz Dec 30, 2015